Comprehensive remote outsourcing solutions that are easy to launch, scale, and discontinue

We help companies across Europe lower their business risks by gradually moving many of their tasks to a flexible, hourly basis

Scale and change as you see fit, moving beyond the inflexibility of traditional employment and the drag of unbalanced capacities.






You can handle a remarkable portion of your business tasks remotely through our outsourcing solutions.










Billed by the hour. No upfront investment needed. Cancel anytime.

About us


Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions are easy to launch, scale and discontinue. They help improve your responsiveness and lower your business risks.

Get support as needed. Only pay for what you use.

Our services are provided dynamically, by the hour. Pay for what you use, and rely on us as needed (even beyond regular office hours and on weekends). For your rapid turnaround needs, we can form a support team dynamically.

A single point of contact

Each task requires a specific skillset and equipment, and you can easily handle this through our account manager, who keeps track of your needs, requests, and feedback. We always involve the project participants most suited for the given job.

No long-term commitment required

We strongly believe that you will find the benefits of our solutions convincing enough for you to become one of our regular clients.
Business scenarios

Use cases

We support a wide range of businesses from solopreneurs and startups to established companies.


Expertise on demand

Our solutions adapt to your business needs and provide the right expertise in the right amount when you need it.

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